Following a nervous breakdown David Roseboom, the creator of Risky Motion, decided to commit his life to music. In 2012 he moved into the legendary Pearl Street Cooperative in Austin, Texas. The people who live in this space are an oft semi-clothed and wild bunch. A family, each creating their own small contribution to the world through art, through the way they love, through mind-opening substances. This was the environment where Risky Motion, was born. Here, he put his commitment to practice. After thousands of hours in the studio and years spent among the most virile Pearl St. hooligans he would find his voice.

Wide Open, Risky Motion’s debut album is listening to every decade before it. A mix of psychedelia, funk, groove, and synth. This album wants you to move. It’s an urge towards vulnerability. Love dancing with fear. Verses do battle with choruses like gold against shadow. Each side driving and spiraling towards one transcendent moment. And then it’s over, cracked wide open. All the extra little pieces lying about, transmuted, and waiting to be built into art and meaning. Authentic, direct, dark, and cryptic. Ultimately revealing in it’s dreamlike metaphors. Wide Open desperately roots for the Good yet can’t help but take pleasure in the Bad.