Imagine: the sounds of laughter and screaming bloom from outside the window, night falls, and a drum circle beats a tattoo, mingling with the jam band on the stereo. The people who live in this space are an oft semi-clothed and wild bunch: a family, each creating their own small contribution to the world through art, through the way they love, through mind-opening substances.

This was the environment in which Wide Open, Risky Motion’s debut album, was born, and it drips through with every note. This album is listening to every decade before it—a mix of psychedelia, funk, groove, and synth. This album is listening just a little bit closer to ourselves—to the heartaches and heart openings in our own lives; to how we love one another; to what it means to be cracked wide open—all through the mournful and yet hopeful tones of David Roseboom, the band’s front man.

Roseboom, like his music, is an amalgamation of things – places, experiences, loves, and losses. Since growing up in New Orleans, Roseboom has picked up the guitar, keyboards, singing; a music-maker through and through. Today, he lives in Austin, Texas, and it was here that Roseboom he moved into the legendary Pearl Steet Cooperative and birthed this mind-altering band, Risky Motion. Wide Open is Risky Motion’s first album, recorded in New York and Austin, mixed by sound engineer, Jake Lummus.