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Risky Motion AKA David Roseboom’s music is a call to realize your potential.  It’s an urge towards vulnerability and individuality. Based in Austin Texas, David spends his time crafting music to evoke a state of belief and hope. To accompany you on the path to a better reality. 

After releasing his debut Album, “Wide Open” in 2018, David has been building a life with a new kind of polyamorus tribe. Supporting each other. Honing their methods to help humanity through its current birth pains. It is their mission to share these methods, to be a model of what is possible. Risky Motion is simply a soundtrack of celebration and grit to get you there. 

“With a sound that is far out yet familiar, this album is comfortable with vulnerability and fear with an atmosphere that is direct, dark, and cryptic.” – Peter Kishler KUTX

“brisk synth-rock sort of allure, crunchy guitars and squealing synths combining for a delectable soundscape” -Obscure Sound 

“the fizz and brilliance of the shimmering instrumentals molds you into the dancing puddle of tears.” – Come Here Floyd

“The first thing you notice is the sense of abandon, the ways disparate genres fall into each other with grace.” – Jeff McCord, KUTX Music Director